ZCY Leap Year

Zero Carbon Yorkshire launched with a bang on 27 February 2016 at Leeds Civic Hall.  80 campaigners, academics, local government representatives and officers, business people and other concerned individuals came together for a high-energy day of Open Space conversations covering all aspects of tackling Climate Change, including Community Energy, Low Energy and PassivHaus buildings, flood risk management, divestment for fossil fuels, opposition to fracking and much more – over 30 conversations generated a raft of exciting ideas and action proposals that we will be following up in the months to come.

An open space discussion format was set up at the launch event, where individuals were able to bring to the event their own ideas and discussion points.  18 focus points were agreed upon and discussed further at different tables where individuals were free to move between conversations at any time, to share their opinion in different areas.

The 18 discussions points were:

  • Carbon Budgets
  • Carbon Conversation
  • Changing Systems not Lightbulbs
  • Finance Ideas/ Funding to create Zero Carbon communities
  • Fuel Divestment
  • Little things you can do to make a difference
  • Low Carbon Transport and Air Quality
  • Low Energy Passivhaus new build
  • Project Development
  • Reflection and Learning
  • Save Ancient Woodland
  • Stimulating Action, Influencing Policy
  • Time Limits
  • Upland Woodland
  • Urban Planning
  • Using less energy first, retrofitting the housing stock in Yorkshire