The Schools & Homes Education Project/Solar-Active charity with their social enterprise trading arm Recovery Insulation and Sheffield Hallam University school of Science Education have developed  a bespoke science based resource – the HOT HOUSE.

The resource is based around physics and thermal transfers heat insulation and acoustic enquiry at KS3 and KS4.  Inno-therm/Metisse and other ‘eco’ insulation products will be used in the resource.

Initial trials have been successfully conducted by teachers and training teachers. Solar-Active educational activities are based around ideas that science is all around, and scientific innovations and principles can be found in everyday materials such as building insulation.

There are a number of key ways to create a greener/sustainable economy. One way is through education via the up-skilling of our existing and future work force in promoting sustainable building materials in new build and refurbishment for healthy buildings.

The education resource and approach facilitates the learning of problem solving skills and the value of failure in the learning process essential for up-skilling for employment for young people; too highlight success achieved through trials and setbacks. A science specific activity but with a sustainability context based around Health & Well Being.