Sheffield City Council has become the largest council in the country to declare a Climate Emergency.

The council currently has an ambition to become zero carbon by 2050. However, the motion, passed almost unanimously, commits the council to bring forward proposals for a strengthened target and action plan within six months.

The declaration of a Climate Emergency follows similar motions passed by other councils around the UK including some from Yorkshire:

  • Kirklees – sets up a working group and requires an action plan within 6 months;
  • Scarborough – committed to become carbon neutral by 2030 and funding a sustainability officer to deliver this;
  • Bradford – no targets but requires officers to set out the challenges and opportunities;
  • Calderdale – establishes a Climate Change Committee to set a target and develop action plan.

A Climate Emergency conference will be held in Lancaster on Friday 29 March with a range of excellent speakers focusing on how local councils can respond to the climate change challenge.