Low Carbon Buildings

Thermal imageThe Zero Carbon Yorkshire Buildings working group is made up of a wide range of building professionals, businesses, activists and academics from across the Yorkshire region.

It is now also affiliated to the AECB as the AECB Yorkshire group. The group meets three times a year in Leeds and has identified the following areas to work on initially:

  • Promotion of Passivhaus low energy building standard (for newbuilds) to local authorities and housing associations within Yorkshire.
  • Exploring solutions to the financial, political and technical challenges posed by the need to undertake radical retrofits of existing buildings within Yorkshire.
  • Promote low carbon building and showcase local exemplar projects within Yorkshire through conferences and websites.
  • Exploring appropriate low carbon energy sources for ultra low energy buildings

Ideas and suggestions for the group are very welcome. Contact the administrator of the group: chayley@greenbuildingstore.co.uk 

 LINKEDIN Group: Zero Carbon Yorkshire BUILDINGS

Next meeting: ‘Building Passivhaus at scale’ Monday 26 October 6pm, with speakers on City of York Council Passivhaus housing and Purehaus Passivhaus developers.

September 2020 Online meet-up ‘Community retrofit’

  • Jon Hall (j.hall@communityenergyengland.org), Community Energy England
  • Jonathan Atkinson (jonathan@carbon.coop), Carbon Coop / People Powered Retrofit – Powerpoint
  • Tim Lunel (tim.lunel@lowcarbonhub.org), Cosy Homes Oxfordshire – Powerpoint
  • Andy Boyle (andy@createadventures.co.uk), Otley Energy – Powerpoint
  • Tom de Simone (yorkcommunityenergy@gmail.com), York Community Energy – Powerpoint
  • Matthew Tulley (info@ecoholmes.org.uk), EcoHolmes – Community Land Trust Holmfirth – Powerpoint
  • Ellen Robottom (leedstuc@gmail.com), Leeds TUC Environment Sub-Committee – Powerpoint                                           Additional resources from Leeds TUC:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAW1woUDbeY with Sam Mason (PCS union), Tom Knowland (LCC), Mike Childs (FOE) and Les Levidow (Open University). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gY3FqOv_rfY with Linda Clarke (Westminter University) and Andy Walker (SURE Insulation).
  • Geoff Cox (reflections1471@gmail.com), Sheffield retrofit campaign – Powerpoint

July 2020 Online meet-up ‘Build Back Better/ Green Recovery’

  • ‘Accelerator Cities – The role of West Yorkshire, Leeds and Otley in UKGBC programme for city-led retrofit’: James Brass, Policy Officer, West Yorkshire Combined Authority. More information: https://www.ukgbc.org/ukgbc-work/accelerator-cities/ – Powerpoint
  •  ‘Connecting communities: The role of communities in the  UKGBC Accelerator Cities Programme’ Andy Boyle , Otley Energy – Powerpoint
  •  ‘Climate action at Neighbourhood Level’, Phil Bixby, My Future York & Passivhaus designer/ Architect at Constructive Individuals – Powerpoint
  • ‘The renovation of Ravine House’: Howard Evans, Director at Chiles Evans + Care Architects & Director of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Dual Courses at the Sheffield School of Architecture, University of Sheffield – Powerpoint
  •  ‘Kingswood Estate, London – independent review of a 700-unit, mixed-construction retrofit scheme’, Nicholas Heath, Director, NDM Heath Ltd: Sustainable Energy Services & Associate Director, Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance – Powerpoint coming soon

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March 2020 Online meet-up

  • Professor Fionn Stevenson, Sheffield University  ‘Housing Fit for Purpose: Performance, Feedback & Learning’ – and the importance of effective Building Performance Evaluation/ Post Occupancy Evaluation for NZEB housing’. Powerpoint  Link to Book
  • Dr Martin Fletcher, Research Fellow, Leeds Sustainability Institute: ‘Evaluating the Performance of Passivhaus Dwellings Pre and Post Occupancy’. Powerpoint

WATCH WEBINAR RECORDING (You will have to register to view)

November 2019 Meet-up Presentations & Links

  • James Newton, Yorspace (james@yorspace.org): ‘YorSpace – developing a fairer kind of housing: Is it possible to make housing both economically & environmentally fair?’ Powerpoint
  • Cllr Denise Craghill (Cllr.dcraghill@york.gov.uk): ‘City of York Council’s new building Design Manual and plans for 100% certified Passivhaus’ Powerpoint
  • Holmfirth Parish Council (m.tulley@solidcstore.org): ‘Holme Valley Climate Emergency Plan for buildings’ Powerpoint
  • Toby Coke, Toby Coke Development Planning (toby@tobycoke.co.uk): ‘Government legislation and policy – how can we campaign for change’ Powerpoint
  • Matthew Tulley (m.tulley@solidcstore.org): ‘Installation pitfalls of solar PV – photos of problems and why they happened’ Powerpoint
  • – Adele Carey & Natasha Connolly, Arup (Adele.Carey@arup.com & Natasha.Connolly@arup.com): ‘Arup’s response to the Climate Emergency’ Powerpoint Powerpoint

July 2019 Meet-up Presentations & Links

  • Jenny Brierley, PhD Researcher, University of Sheffield (jenny@jennybrierley.com) ‘Scaling up fresh air as well as zero carbon: the challenge of ventilation in practice’ Powerpoint
  • Nigel Banks, Product & Marketing Director, Ilke Homes (nigel.banks@ilkehomes.co.uk) ‘How offsite construction can help deliver low energy homes at scale’  Watch video here
  • Claire Jamieson, Phi Architecture (claire.jamieson@phi-architecture.com) ‘Case study of a Yorkshire EnerPHit project and lessons for ‘scaling up’ low energy retrofits’ Powerpoint
  • Tom de Simone & Jonny Stokeld, members of York Community Energy’s new Warmer York working group, which is aiming to establish a market for home retrofit in York. (yorkcommunityenergy@gmail.com) ‘Kickstarting a retrofit revolution in York’ Powerpoint 
  • Robin Miller, BecoWallform (robin@becowallform.co.uk) ‘ICF construction as a practical option for economic low energy buildings on a large scale’ Powerpoint
  • David Bradley & Kevin Pratt, PureHaus ( david@purehaus.co.uk & kevin@purehaus.co.uk) ‘A developer’s view of building Passivhaus at scale’ –   Watch video here

January 2019 Meet-up Presentations & Links

  • – Dr Rafael Espinosa from University of Sheffield (r.eufrasio@sheffield.ac.uk) The Hidden Energy of Buildings and Construction Materials Powerpoint
  • – David Garlovsky, Inno-Therm (info@inno-therm.com)  Environmental impact associated with the supply chains of insulation materials with focus on specifying a low carbon insulation Powerpoint
  • – Matthew Tulley (m.tulley@solidcstore.org) “The Generation Carbon Game: Interactive Quiz tests your knowledge of homes and transport for you, your grandparents and before”. [No powerpoint]

October 2018 Meet-up Presentations & Links

  • – Matthew Hill (matthew@leda.coop), Consulting Engineer and Company Director, Leeds Environmental Design Associates (LEDA) “Should we stop installing gas boilers ?” With the 2030 target for a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions creeping up on us, we have to decide when to stop using fossil fuels. Read more on this: https://www.cibsejournal.com/opinion/should-we-stop-specifying-gas-boilers/
  • – Dr Claude Saint-Arroman (claude.starroman@ntlworld.com), Architecture Lecturer,on the findings of her PHD, “Architectural boundary designs: a Journey towards Resilience” Powerpoint
  • – Phil Bixby (phil@constructiveindividuals.co.uk), Architect, Constructive Individuals ‘Overview of 3 Passivhaus newbuild projects in York’ Powerpoint
  • – Richard Spencer (richard@leda.coop), LEDA ‘Building Physics & construction at the Roundhay Passivhaus’ Powerpoint
  • – Eric Parks (eric@ericparks.co.uk), Buckrose Ecological Architects ‘Trans-Pennine Passivhaus Design: Experience and Lessons Learned?’ Powerpoint

June 2018 Meet-up Presentations & Links

January 2018 Meet-up Presentations & Links

  • – Martyn Broadest (martyn.broadest@connecthousing.org.uk), Director of Home, Connect Housing: Connect Housing & Passivhaus Powerpoint
  • – Nicholas Heath (nicholas@ndmheath.co.uk), Associate Director, Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA): The work of the STBA Powerpoint
  • – Nicola O’Connor (nicola@mandarinresearch.co.uk), Mandarin Research: Overview of Frontier Economics ‘Affordable Warmth, Clean Growth’ report for EEIG  Powerpoint
  • – Richard Spencer (rgb.spencer@gmail.com), Passivhaus Consultant & Selfbuilder: Report back on Zero Carbon Yorkshire Make it Happen weekend. Powerpoint
  • – Andy Walker (Andy.Walker@SUREinsulation.co.uk), SURE Insulation, Super-insulation Designer and Author : Inspiring Communities to Insulate Homes: View film